Are you trapped in an endless cycle of insomnia and anxiety?
Have you tried every sleep remedy on the market and nothing seems to work?

DR. JANET KENNEDY's signature sleep course:

The Sleep

End Your Insomnia and Embrace Natural, Restorative Sleep


signature sleep course:

The Sleep Transformation

End Your Insomnia and Embrace Natural, Restorative Sleep

"If you're reading this, you've likely experienced the frustration of restless nights and the yearning for a peaceful sleep."

The Sleep Transformation course is more than just a course; it's a life-changing experience designed for those ready to break the cycle of insomnia and embrace natural, rejuvenating sleep."

As Seen On:

As Seen On:

Understanding the Sleep Dilemma

Sleep is fundamental, yet elusive for so many.

Bad nights of sleep, whether caused by insomnia or chronic stress, can spiral into a pattern that affects every aspect of your life. BUT you're not alone. Millions face the same battle every night, forcing them to temporary solutions that don't address the root cause.

In this virtual course, dr. janet kennedy will

share her sleep-coaching expertise with you:

  • Uncover and tackle the causes of insomnia for deeper, consistent sleep

  • Decode your sleep architecture and synchronize your natural sleep rhythms

  • Master sleep diary techniques for personalized sleep routine development

  • Discover non-medical and non-gimmicky methods for lasting sleep improvement

  • Get real about sleep and employ psychological strategies to strengthen sleep resilience and maintain quality rest

Go to sleep Easier and wake up better

Featured on platforms like Good Morning America and The NY Times, Dr. Kennedy has dedicated her career to understanding and solving the mysteries of sleep.

The Sleep Transformation offers an affordable and comprehensive solution to your sleep struggles.

over 7 video modules, you will experience your personal Sleep Transformation

over 7 video modules, you will experience

your personal Sleep Transformation

"My approach is rooted in empathy and realism. I know that changing your sleep habits doesn't require an overhaul of your life. It's about small, manageable changes that make a big difference. You'll find in me a guide who's relatable and understanding, and excited to share my sleep coaching expertise."

- Dr. Janet Kennedy

Module 1:

Decoding Sleepless Nights, How We Sleep, Beyond Sleep Trackers

  • Three video 'chapters' that lay the foundations of The Sleep Transformation course

  • Learn the factors that contribute to poor sleep

  • ​Discover how to assess sleep troubles, plan interventions, and track progress.

  • Gain insights into the structure and stages of sleep

Module 2:

Embracing the Sleep Challenge, Keeping sleep simple

  • Two video 'chapters' to make your sleep more efficient

  • ​Use your downloadable sleep diary to create a tailored sleep consolidation plan

  • Techniques to reset circadian rhythms for more efficient sleep

  • Learn how to make your sleep more effective and restorative

Module 3:

Fine-Tuning your

schedule and routines

  • Methods to evaluate and measure your sleep improvement

  • Learn how to fine-tune your sleep plan for optimal results

  • Strategies to reach advanced stages of sleep improvement

Module 4:

Loosening the grip of sleep aids

  • Strategies to lessen the emotional reliance on sleep aids

  • Information on safely transitioning away from prescription sleep medication (with doctor supervision)

  • Developing a mindset for natural, unaided sleep

Module 5:

Mind Over Mattress

  • Learn to recognize the harmful sleep scripts that keep you up at night

  • Discover methods to alter and improve your negative narratives

  • Cultivate a more positive and productive attitude towards sleep

Module 6:

Sleep Well 101

  • Explore the real impact of various habits on restful and regenerative sleep

  • Learn to make informed decisions without sacrificing enjoyment

  • Create a sleep hygiene routine that aligns with your lifestyle...and doesn't require a lifestyle overhaul

Module 7:

Sleep  Resilience

  • Techniques to make restorative sleep a consistent reality

  • Gain strategies for dealing with occasional sleep disturbances

  • Focus on maintaining and safeguarding your sleep improvements

free bonus:

Sleep Success for Women 40+

As women reach 40 and beyond, sleep can feel very out of control. While there is a real physiological impact of hormone fluctuations on sleep, there are also important cognitive and behavioral components that amplify the impact of hormones on sleep.

In this bonus module, you will:

  • Explore the physiological effects of hormonal changes on sleep and how to adapt.

  • Learn to manage the mental and emotional aspects that these hormonal shifts can trigger.

  • Apply the principles from “The Sleep Transformation” to address the complexities of perimenopause and menopause specifically.

  • Find balance and control in your sleep through an integrated approach that considers every aspect of this life stage.

welcome to your sleep transformation


  • ​Decoding Sleepless Nights: The Anatomy of Insomnia's Triggers and Traits

  • How We Sleep: Unpacking Sleep Architecture

  • Beyond Sleep Trackers: Mastering the Art of the Sleep Diary

  • Embracing the Sleep Challenge:  The Art of Consolidating Sleep

  • Keeping Sleep Simple: Programming your body’s sleep cues

  • Fine-Tuning your schedule and routines

  • Loosening The Grip of sleep aids

  • Mind Over Mattress: Rewriting your sleep script

  • Sleep Well 101: The Science and Art of Sleep Hygiene

  • Sleep  Resilience: Safeguarding Your Sleep Success

  • Free Bonus: Sleep Success for Women 40+



YOU DON'T PAY: $ 3,200 $298 (USD)


Your sleep matters.

and only you can make it a priority.

Insomnia isn't just about losing sleep; it's about losing yourself. It's the little things – the frustration at work, the strained relationships, the moments of despair.

And the big things – your health, your well-being, your essence. It's a problem that compounds itself, leaving you trapped in a cycle of dependency on sleep aids that offer fleeting relief.

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